Services Available at Siloam Springs Women’s Center


Siloam Springs Women’s Center pic
Siloam Springs Women’s Center

An OB/GYN physician with more than 20 years of medical experience, Dr. Chad Hill owns Siloam Springs Women’s Center in Arkansas. Since the clinic opened in 1998 it has expanded to include two additional doctors of obstetrics, and today Dr. Chad Hill and his team treat a wide range of patients in the fields of gynecology and urogynecology, obstetrics, and general wellness.

Below are just a few of the services Dr. Hill offers at Siloam Springs Women’s Center:

Menopause Management: There are many medical pathways to address menopause, which are often pursued by women for whom this life stage is particularly uncomfortable or debilitating. Hormone therapy is one possible treatment, which involves prescription medicines to help women deal with the effects of decreased levels of estrogen and progesterone.

Amniocentesis: The center’s doctors can withdraw small amounts of amniotic fluid from the womb of pregnant patients to test for chromosomal abnormalities. Tests on amniotic fluid can tell expectant parents whether their child is at risk for Down syndrome or spina bifida, for example.

LEEP Procedures: LEEP, or Loop Electrosurgical Excision Procedure, is a treatment employed to prevent cervical cancer. A wire loop is used to remove abnormal cells from the cervix, which may have been identified through a pap test or biopsy. This relatively simple procedure is considered very effective.


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